The Wedding Toast I Never Got To Make

The Following is the toast that I wrote for my lovely sister Erin’s wedding to Daniel Velazquez. It was cut due to time. But I think it might show up as a deleted scene on the wedding video:


I was watching TV this morning and came across an interview on ESPN about the passing of former UCLA coach John Wooden. I forget who it was they were interviewing but the person said of Wooden “He was one of those people that everyone who met them, not a single one of them wasn’t better for having met them. When you get the pleasure to be in the same room with someone like this it is a pleasure.”

This is pretty much how I feel about my sister. I can’t exactly describe why, but I feel that she’s just about my favorite person on the face of this earth. I’ve had the good fortune to be surrounded with her presence, and this isn’t something I take lightly.

With the possible exception of Leah, I think I love my sister more than anyone else in the world. She is the most talented, most charismatic artistic soul I know. Everything she touches brings joy to all around it. Be it her painting, her brilliant cartoons, her singing, her writing. I honestly think my sister is one of the most talented short story writers alive, and I will force anyone who challenges me on this to read her work. (Go ahead. Try me. I dare you.)

But none of this even begins to compare to her best trait: her heart. It’s just so big. You’ll never find a person alive that doesn’t adore my sister. She makes friends of everyone she meets. She never has a mean word to say about anyone and she is so giving of her love support, and humor to the whole world.

I honestly never thought my sister would marry. I just thought that it would be difficult for any man to be interesting enough to be worth challenging Erin’s Independence. I was going to say Fierce independence, but I don’t think Erin has a fierce bone in her body.So imagine my surprise when she found someone just as talented and loving as her.Daniel truly is that person. Daniel is just as brilliant, funny, and warm-hearted as Erin, and he can do math, which is incredibly useful.

Daniel is one of only 3 people I know that I would consider geniuses. The other two are sandwich artists at Subway. Daniel is clearly the most talented of the three. I have often referenced him in my class this fall as “My Brilliant Physicist Brother In Law” .

The point of this is to say is that if my future niece or nephew isn’t the next Leonardo Di Vinci, I’m going to be sorely dissapointed.

Daniel and Erin have created an amazing life for each other. Together, they are like megaphones, amplifying each other’s best traits. Their laughter, love, compassion, and brilliance is so contagious, that sometimes I will drop whatever I’m doing on a Saturday night just to be in the same room with them. That’s how cool they are.

And I was thinking about this today in the shower. Daniel is studying for his Phd in Physics, trying to unlock the secrets of the universe. In my class, I’ve famously described the Unified Field Theory Of Physics as “The thing that my Genius brother in law is going to discover some day.” I hope he does, because I see the hunger in him to unlock all the secrets of the universe. And in a way, isn’t that what we’re all trying to do? Find some greater meaning to life. Some do it through religion. Some through art. some through the pursuit of science. But Daniel, it occurred to me today, in the shower, that you may never find more meaning in the universe than you do now, in the arms of the woman you love, in the company of friends, in the warmth of those around you. As the poet Taylor Hanson once said:

There are so many relationships in life

Only one or two will last

You go through all the pain and strife

You turn your back and its gone so fast

So hold on to the ones who really care

Cause In The End They’ll be the only ones there

And When You Get Old And Start Losing Your Hair

Will You Tell Me Who Will Still Care


So here’s to Erin and Daniel, the most beautiful couple I know.


About Patrick Felton

Patrick Felton is director of the West Virginia Filmmakers Festival

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  1. Beautiful, Patrick. Absolutely beautiful. I agree with every word of it. Except for the fact that you are also in that genius category. I am so sorry that you did not get to make the toast. You know Erin, she is so against pretension and being on stage. perhaps your more silent and enduring toast here will move her more than anything. It did me.


  2. Margaret Cuadra

    Patrick, I really should not have read this before work (tears before makeup is not a good thing.) Seriously though, it is wonderful and describes this lovely couple to a T.

  3. Wow, Patrick, that is the most touching tribute I’ve ever read! I’m so sorry that time slipped away, but I agree with Vicki, this toast works so well in print. Kudos! I am very proud of you, and I love to read your words from the heart.

  4. Now I know why Patrick takes such long showers!

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