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47 Reasons To Be Excited About The Netflix/Epix Streaming deal.

Yesterday Netflix billion dollar with Epix went into effect. For those of you who aren’t aware, Netflix is a subscription service that delivers films to its users via dvds and online streaming. The Online Streaming has as of lately been astonishing. You can get a lot of great obscure foreign films and American classics. Everything from “Serpico” to Jaques Tati’s “Playtime”. This new deal sweetens the pack.

What the Epix deal does is opens up a significant chunk of the MGM, Lion’s Gate, and Paramount film libraries for online streaming Literally thousands of films are now literally overnight available at the click of the mouse.  Not all of them are masterpieces, but you have a little bit of everything including almost all of the “Star Trek” and “Friday The 13th” franchises, to holy grails of filmmaking such as “The Godfather” films. For those of you who don’t want to have to weed their way through it, I’ve created a list of what films I think are most compelling. Like all lists, its incredibly subjective, and it will give you a sense of my pretentious and snobby taste:

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