Episode 8: Boy Crazy Kevin Pauley

After a great delay Patrick talks with “The Best Crooner In Charleston,” Kevin Pauley. Kevin has worked with some of WV’s most important theatrical directors including Jack Cirillo, Dan Kehde, and Devon Nuckles. Kevin talk about his experiences in community theater which has seen him play everything from heroin addicts, to the mentally handicapped, to Satan, to cats… That’s right cats… Kevin talks about blending physicality with language, acting as therapy, and doing the Samuel Beckett with his wife. And as usual, Patrick uses this opportunity to put community theater in general on trial, and Kevin gives an impassioned and personal defense, one that touches even Patrick. Also, they touch on some thing called “The No Pants Players”

Plus, Patrick tries to channel Marc Maron, but ends up just sounding like Glen Beck.

Note to listeners, this one goes on a lot longer than usual because its been a long week, and editing this is a beast.

Music by: Kevin MacLeod


About Patrick Felton

Patrick Felton is director of the West Virginia Filmmakers Festival

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