Charleston Podcast Project: Don’t Ask

A co-production of the Charleston Podcast Project and the Alban Arts Academy.
Charleston Aristotle Presents the radio play “Don’t Ask”
written produced and edited by the 2012 Dgital Storytelling  class.

Clay Tantlinger: Frazbar/John Smith, Beetle, The Green Spider, Barry
Amelia: Shopkeeper, Customer, Amber Lance, Bill
Patrick Felton: Narrator, The Human Wiffy, Sir Dance A Lot, Bob Von Trier, Dogler

Executive Producer: Patrick Felton
Sound Engineer/Editor/Associate Awesomeness: Clay Tantlinger
Associate/Engineer: Engineer

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Music by; Kevin MacCleod
Edited on Garage Band 6.0.1
(c) 2012 Charleston Podcast
Hello to Jason Jason Isaacs!

Project Aristotle Presents: Don’t Ask


About Patrick Felton

Patrick Felton is director of the West Virginia Filmmakers Festival

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