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Episode 10 – Logan Likes Brainwrap


Episode 10 – Logan Likes Brainwrap

Just in time for the Mayan apocalypse, Patrick sits down on location with the Huntington film collective Brainwrap, deep in their sinister lair. Ian and Max Nolte and Michael Valentine share their experiences on working with puppets, how a friend’s Christmas present resulted in a film which is literally unwatchable, and other secrets of the Huntington New Wave. Plus the mystery of the Bluegrass band Dogspit is revealed once and for all. Thanks to Max Nolte for engineering this episode. Clips Courtesy of “16 To Life” “Brainwrap Films” and “Comics Being Funny.” Music by Kevin McCleod.



Trailer for Sinema 6

Seth Martin And Friends: Gone Campin

Comics Being Funny Trailer


Episode 9 – The Ghost At Chase Henderson’s House

Back from a three month hiatus, Patrick hits the ground running with his conversation with Dr. Sketchy’s Chase Henderson, recorded on location at Moxxee in Charleston. Patrick talks to Chase about his unlikely doppleganger, nudity, Garfield, that Buckwild is the Joey of Jersey Shore and we shouldn’t worry about it, Garfield again, David Smith, Ladybeard, and Garfield. Also Patrick has a surprise co-host for his interview.

Podcast Preview: Chase Henderson

Hello Sisters and Brothers. Friday I’ll be uploading my interview with local artist and Dr. Sketchy’s organizer Chase Henderson. It was a momentous conversation, and I enjoyed picking Chase’s head on a lot of subjects. Here’s a quick sample of what to expect from the podcast.
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Podcaster points mic at local arts scene  – News – The Charleston Gazette – West Virginia News and Sports –

Hello Sisters and Brothers. For those of you who weren’t aware, the Gazette had a huge fancy pants article on the front page about me today. I’m convinced this only happened because they thought I was a puppy. Awwww… look at the puppy.
Anyway, for those of you who are here because of the article, welcome, I hope you enjoy this podcast. For those of you who have been here all along, thanks.

Podcaster points mic at local arts scene  – News – The Charleston Gazette – West Virginia News and Sports –.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Patrick Felton is being interviewed by his hometown paper — that would be this one — at Moxxee Coffee, while Felton’s own interview subject cools his heels a few feet away.

Felton, creator of the Charleston Podcast Project, is my subject for this story on his local arts podcast, “That Conversation.”

But his interview subject for the podcast’s next episode — local artist, photographer and Charleston franchise rep for Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School drawing sessions — embodies why Felton is being interviewed in the first place.

“Chase Henderson is an interview one of my listeners has been requesting for a long time,” said Felton, sporting headphones connected to a Behringer Xenyx 802 mixer hooked to a couple of cardioid microphones.

“Chase is doing really interesting, cutting-edge stuff in the community with Dr. Sketchy’s, which has become sort of a weird surprise cult hit among the artists in the community. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the scantily clad women and men that are a part of it. But he’s an incredibly talented visual artist who I’ve known peripherally a long time,” Felton says.

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For those that are new to the podcast

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New episode on Friday with Chase Henderson.