Episode 10 – Logan Likes Brainwrap


Episode 10 – Logan Likes Brainwrap

Just in time for the Mayan apocalypse, Patrick sits down on location with the Huntington film collective Brainwrap, deep in their sinister lair. Ian and Max Nolte and Michael Valentine share their experiences on working with puppets, how a friend’s Christmas present resulted in a film which is literally unwatchable, and other secrets of the Huntington New Wave. Plus the mystery of the Bluegrass band Dogspit is revealed once and for all. Thanks to Max Nolte for engineering this episode. Clips Courtesy of “16 To Life” “Brainwrap Films” and “Comics Being Funny.” Music by Kevin McCleod.



Trailer for Sinema 6

Seth Martin And Friends: Gone Campin

Comics Being Funny Trailer


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Patrick Felton is director of the West Virginia Filmmakers Festival

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