About Patrick: Theater Experience

Theatrical Experience


1994                               Children’s Theater Of Charleston            –             Babes In Toyland         –           Inspector Marmaduke

1995                               Charleston Light Opera Guild                  –             Mame                             –           Young Patrick Dennis

Showboat                       –          Chorus

Children’s Theater Of Charleston                         Mr. Scrooge                    –          Young Scrooge

1996                               Children’s Theater Of Charleston                         Winnie The Pooh          –          Rabbit

Charleston Stage Company                                   The Grapes Of Wrath   –          Winfield

Children’s Theater Of Charleston                        Best Christmas Pageant Ever Rv. Hopkins

1997                                Children’s Theater Of Charleston                       Charlotte’s Web             –          Templeton

The Littlest Angel         –          Heavenly Messenger

1998                               Children’s Theater Of Charleston                       Stuart Little                   –          Mr. Little

Contemporary Youth Arts Company                 Romeo And Juliet         –         Chorus

1999                               Children’s Theater Of Charleston                      Through The                  –         Humpty Dumpty

Looking Glass

The Trial Of                    –        Town Crier

   The Big Bad Wolf

Mr Scrooge                     –       Mr Fezziwig

2000                              Contemporary Youth Arts Company                1400 Boxes Of Jello

Angevin Players                                                    The Lion In Winter       –       John

Children’s Theater Of Charleston                      Babes In Toyland           –      Barnaby

2001                               Children’s Theater Of Charleston                      Winnie The Pooh           –      Narrator

Contemporary Youth Arts Company                 A Few Boxes More

Children’s Theater Of Charleston                      Narnia                              –      Chorus

2002                              Contemporary Youth Arts Company                Abriv. History of WV     –      Various

Pink Floyd’s The Wall    –      Ensemble

                                                                                                                         Revenge Of The Boxes

2003                              Contemporary Youth Arts Company               Abriv. History of the Universe

American Virtue               –      Mel Melback

                                                                                                                        Chix                                     –      WD

Dances With Boxes

Frankenstein                     –      Doctor

Children’s Theater Of Charleston                   Mr Scrooge                        –      Sharky

2004                               Contemporary Youth Arts Company             Jesus Christ Superstar     –     Apostle

Charleston Stage Company                             Batboy! The Musical         –    Various

Angevin Players                                                 The Importance Of Being Earnest – Algernon

Charleston Stage Company                             Hamlet                                 –    Attendant

2005                               Charleston Stage Company                             Alice In Wonderland         –    Various

2006                               Contemporary Youth Arts Company            Dancing With Grace           –    Madame La Farge

2007                               Charleston Stage Company                             Midsummer’s Night Dream –  Flute

Contemporary Youth Arts Company            Mary                                      –    Herod

2008                               Contemporary Youth Arts Company            Trial Of George W Bush    –    Lance

2009                                Greenbrier Valley Theater                              New Voices Play Festival   –    Fritz

2011                                 Contemporary Youth Arts Company            Cupid Rising/Cupid Falling – JB

2012                                Contemporary Youth Arts Company             Jesus Christ Superstar       –    Annis

Alban Arts                                                           Proof                                      –    Hal


2004                               WV Theater Conference                                  Line 66                                   –   Writer/Director

– Full Artistic Control

2005                               WVSU Communications Department           The Birthday Party             –   Director

Full Artistic Control

2006                               Kanawha Players Brief’s And Shorts             Bittersweethearts               –   Writer


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