Project Aristotle: Digital Storytelling Laboratory at the Alban Arts Academy

Project Aristotle: Digital Storytelling Laboratory at the Alban Arts Academy

Part of my mission with this podcast was to expand the scope of what’s being told beyond my own vision of the world and to become a forum for more digital artists with things to say. It occurred to me in this process that perhaps there is a need to engage and help create digital artists. While my generation has more access to the technology to art, its almost as if they are seeking permission to create.  Society has programmed our young artists to believe that they don’t have anything to say.

It is for this reason that I am starting Project Aristotle, a digital storytelling lab/class which I will be teaching and facilitating as part of the Alban Arts and Conference Center’s Alban Arts Academy. The Alban sets admission at $200. This is a 12 week class and it is open to any digital artist ages 12 and up that is looking to experiment with the form in new and exciting ways.

We will meet every Tuesday night starting on August 28 at the Alban Arts And Conference Center on Old Main St. In St. Albans. You can find out more information about the Alban Arts Academy here

Digital Storytelling
Taught By: Patrick Felton

Tuesday 7:00 – 8:30 pm
12 years old and up
This class explores the new potential of artists to create unique pieces of art in the digital age. The internet has opened up an entire world of new ways to get your message out. Mediums such as Youtube, Vimeo and Podcasting have become tools for artists to create and distribute their art to new audience. Learn the basics of internet media production, content creation and distribution from digital maven and podcaster Patrick Felton. This is the perfect class for novices eager to project their voice and art into the internet as well for web veterans looking for a venue to expand and experiment within their medium. Over the course of the class,  students will learn to build and create their own podcast, internet web series, blog, or other piece of digital art.


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